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The Third Millennium, binds man and society on the search for balance among a guiding past, a teaching present and a promising future. Mankind’s restless need to progress is now part of its own natural instinct allowing us to witness one of the most impressive centuries since history, starting with the invention of the steam engine and ending while visiting other planets.

With technology in hand, the thirst to succeed has taken us to places never dreamed off, overcoming every obstacle, healing deathly illnesses and communicating without barriers.
Change is the only constant, and is the speed of this change that instantly transforms present into past. Today we face a developing process that expects more complicity day-by-day, however man’s struggle to capture time and space is gradually stepping back.
Architects should be flexible and responding to the changing needs of society, but always remember that sensual and erotic spaces are those capable of reuniting a man with himself, distracting him at least momentarily from the daily routine that jeopardizes his identity.

The journey through architecture must provide constant surprising experiences that sequencely unfold intimate atmospheres and develop a stretch relationship between man and space, simulating a four dimensional labyrinth, where discovery becomes the main adventure.

Le Corbusier deciphered this fourth dimension and found the conception of beauty through reason and proportion, comparing architecture with music being both arts capable of creating that sensual space that results from pure and precise aesthetics.

Octavo Paz used senses and emotions to describe eroticism as the intangible reality that lives inside all of us, and far from materializing allows dreams to take place, being architecture the window to illusion.

The great challenge on our projects, is to achieve an harmonic balance between man and his media, composing symphonies of space that emerge from walls and slabs to create environments that blend the eternal differences between function and form.

Open Concept

New Architectural Concept —Open— an Option for Conceptualizing and Customizing Spaces.

ar+k ARQUITECTOS, architecture and development firm, provides the residential housing market with the Open Concept, a language of functional and forward-looking architectural design.

Their designs seek to encourage occupants to relish spaces tailored to their needs. Open fosters the generation of fertile spaces where users can be able to create their personal atmospheres.

ar+k Arquitectos’s architecture is oriented to design projects that enable users to express their emotions and experiences in order take pleasure in their every day life. Through “Open” designs, each user is empowered to customize any space according to his/her senses, creating a functional environment surrounded by design and modernness.

Such architectural solution makes it possible, as in other projects, to produce individual solutions in one or two stories with double-heights and free ranking of predetermined spaces. In short, the flexibility of interior spaces, lighting, and the dialogue between indoors and outdoors, through the integration of balconies, gardens, and open spaces, are paramount pieces of the architectural proposal.

The projects undertaken by the firm to this date are molded to exceed user’s expectations, the use pure materials such as architectural concrete, natural woods, clear glazing and natural stones provide a wide range palette.

For ar+k, the aim of every architectural project is “to facilitate the creation of open and flexible spaces that may swiftly and naturally adapt to the customer’s taste and needs, and even fancies. Flexibility, light and material purity are key tools for “Open” spaces.

Our company’s philosophy is to walk hand-in-hand with our customers in designing their own spaces, from the very beginning up to the interiors and furnishing that harmonically match the general concept.

“Recent experiences have taught us that we must be comprehensive with our customers, who have found in our projects a solution to the uncertainty that is currently perceived in the real-estate market. OPEN is not a brand but a concept intended to allow each client to customize his/her spaces,” the firm expresses.

The comprehensive scheme also secures capital gains for our customer’s investment in the course of time, since the elaborate design of our projects as to materials and finishes, and dimensions, of course, allows us to offer such ROI.

ar+k’s projects are located in high-value areas in Mexico City, Puerto Peñasco and Ajijic, which are significant in the residential real-estate development and expansion.

Architectural Language: Innovative, with state-of-the-art technology and flexible spaces
The creators of the OPEN concept*

Residential Projects:

  • Torres Adalid, Mexico City
  • La Fontaine 246, Mexico City
  • Colorado 17, Mexico City
  • Colorado 53, Mexico City
  • Hacienda La Cristina, AJIJIC, Jalisco (in process)
  • Tessoro at las Conchas, Puerto Peñasco (in process)

Commercial Projects:

  • Fondue Haus Restaurantes, Mexico City
  • Fondue Haus Restaurantes, Irapuato
  • Sposa Bella, Brides’ Boutique, Mexico City
  • Arezzo, Gentlemen Boutique, Mexico City
  • Aldo Conti, Gentlemen Boutique, Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey

Corporate Projects:

  • ar+k Headquarters, Mexico City.
  • Santa Fe Corporate, Mexico City
  • Aldo Conti Headquarters Condesa, Mexico City.
  • Publicidad Virtual Headquarters, Mexico City.

Residential Interior Design:

  • La Toscana, Mexico City
  • Royal Reforma I, Mexico City
  • Royal Reforma II, Mexico City
  • Royal Reforma III, Mexico City
  • Tamarindos I, Mexico City
  • Tamarindos II, Mexico City
  • Priv. Del Bosque, Mexico City
  • Lomas Country, Mexico City
  • Frondoso, Mexico City (in process)
  • La Toscana II, Mexico City (in process)
  • Acapulco I, Acapulco, Mexico
  • Acapulco II, Acapulco, Mexico
  • Acapulco III, Acapulco, Mexico
  • Tessoro at las Conchas Model, Puerto Peñasco

Architectural Competitions:

  • Communitarian Center M.S, Mexico City: Honor Award
  • Americas Property Awards: Best Develpment, for Tessoro at Las Conchas
  • Americas Property Awards: Best Interior Design, for Tessoro at Las Conchas
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